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Multifunctional 3 axes CNC center

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Krea Glass v07/2012



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Control unit

CNC-Osai Unit Type 10 / 510 Light with DIGITAL BOARD for axes drive control. Interface with PC equipped with CDROM, USB ports (4+2), net board, optical mouse, keyboard, TFT monitor with flat screen. Remote control.

unità controllo

User friendly

New suction cups max adherence thanks to vulcanization of the desk and rotating glass reference Stops without limitation of the working area. Vacuum pump unit with liquid separator.

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Height of working table


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Faster production and less material waste. New functions and easier interface. Total CAD-CAM integration for realtime editing. Dedicated WINDOORS module for easier and faster windows and doors design.

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Axes motion

The very same technology used on top range CNC. Thanks to DENVER patents we reduced vibrations and noise, improving precision in processing.

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Auto Tool Changer

Tools magazine with up to 14 positions for stainless steel ISO 40 cones.

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Hi-Tech Electrospindle

Fan cooled heavy-duty electrospindle with dramatically reduced maintenance.

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Work table

The worktable is made of rectified monolithic aluminium assembled on the steel frame.

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Optical Fiber Device to digitize and store templates.



The quickest, effective and cost-saving way of supporting the machine’s operator and remote diagnostics for software and hardware, connecting via internet the machine to Denver Customer service.

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Very Easy solution to re-process chipped glass edge without modifying the drawing.

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Maximum worktable flatness.

The worktable is made of rectified monolithic aluminium assembled on the steel frame.

The 2 different materials’ thermal expansion is the cause for the loss of surface flatnes's normally forcing to mill the worktable even when it is not yet worn out to bring the machine back to ideal conditions.
Denver makes use of a new system (self-adjusting bed), which allows the aluminium bed to expand maintaining the correct flatness and avoiding the need for the milling of the table.








Flat saw blade cutting





Krea Glass
Machine dimensions (LxPxH) mm 3825 x 2625 x 2220
150,6 x 103,3 x 87,4”
Work table mm 2020 x 1020
79.5 x 40.1”
X-axes stroke on linear guides mm 2200
X-axes speed (brushless motor) m/min 0÷20
inches/min 0-787.4”
Y-axes stroke on linear guides mm 1200
Y-axes speed (brushless motor) m/min 0÷18
inches/min 0-708.6”
Z-axes stroke on linear guides Max mm 300
Max 11.8”
Z-axes speed (brushless motor, auto lubrication) m/min 0÷15
inches/min 0-590.5”
Spindle motor power Hp 12.5
Motor speed rpm 0 ÷ 12000
Processed thickness 0.4 - 2.3”
Internal water consumption fl.oz./min 140.8
Enternal water consumption fl.oz./min 2111.7
Air pressure needed bar 7
Electrospindle tool connector ISO-40 MAS-BT
Auto-tool change 14 position
Total machine weight 6613.8 lbs
Delivering by truck mm 3825 x 2470 x 2220
150,6 x 97,3 x 87,4”
Delivering by ship (LxWxH) mm 3825 x 2300 x 2220
150,6 X 90,5 X 87,4” (20’ box container)
machine layout
Layout krea glass