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caratteristiche della macchina

Cupwheels unit for edging and arrissing

10 operating heads + 1 corner trimming head.
Option for variable angle edging
and cerium oxide polishing.

caratteristiche della macchina

Patented automatic glass positioning
system Low-E friendly

Accurate workpiece positioning operated by intelligent vacuum cups, avoiding any surface damage
also on coated glasses.

caratteristiche della macchina

Glass size and thickness auto-detection system

All square as well as rectangular glass sheets are automatically checked by sensors managed
by the control unit ensuring
human errorproof processing.

caratteristiche della macchina

Double drilling unit

Vertigo can drill holes with twin counter-heads
as well as with single boring-tapering unit.

caratteristiche della macchina

Electrospindle for universal tasks

A powerful electrospindle with automatic on-the-fly
tools magazine performs all kinds of straight and shape processing on the glass surface and edge.


Double automatic on-the-fly tools magazine

Both operating heads are equipped with
an integrated rotary magazine allowing
tools changeover within few seconds.


Adaptive edge polishing system

Polishing tools wear compensation throughout working cycles is automatically operated by the control unit
ensuring unmatched edge brightness.


Advanced software integrating all working steps
to offer easy and comprehensive machine control
to a single operator

An advanced operator interface offers full control of the whole working cycle.

Focus on

√ Finish brightness of as traight edger;
√ Squaring accuracy of a double edger;
√ Versatility of a CNC Center;
√ Flawless drilling of at win counter-heads boring machine.

Today these features are blended in one single machine that re-designs the glass shop working methods:
√ Drastic cut of downtimes and scraps thanks to all tasks performed on one single workstation.


Vertigo gives you an unparalleled competitive edge by concentrating in one single working program:

√ Cupwheels edging and polishing with fixed and variable angle;
√ Glass sheet squaring;
√ Twin counter-heads drilling;
√ Notches and cut-outs routing;
√ Edging and polishing of shaped elements with peripheral wheels;
√ Arrising.

Niente Muri

Hot zinc-coated vertical structure

caratteristiche della macchina
Specifically engineered frame to deliver long lasting sturdiness and reliability in most challenging working conditions.

Basement and structure are hot zinc coated and guideways have a thermal processing anti-corrosion manganese-phosphated.

Shaping, edging and polishing with peripheral wheels
Drilling with twin counter-heads
Cup wheel edging
Squaring and arrissing


Fresatura Fresatura

Twin counter-heads drilling

Foratura Foratura

Squaring and arrissing

Squadratura e sfilettatura Squadratura e sfilettatura

Cup wheel edging and polishing with variable angle

Molatura lucidatura a tazza ad angolo variabile Molatura lucidatura a tazza ad angolo variabile

Edge shaping and polishing with peripheral wheels

Sagomatura molatura lucidatura bordi con mole periferiche Sagomatura molatura lucidatura bordi con mole periferiche
MAX workable glass sheet Size mm 5000x2600 thickness max 40 mm
MIN workable glass sheet Size 500x290 mm thickness 3 mm
Min. workable sheet N° 10 + 1 corner trimming head
Feed of the operating units on X axis max 5968.4” /min.
Automatic tool magazine for main electrospindle 12 pos. for ISO 40 MAS-BT cones
Main electrospindle power Hp 13,9/kW 10,2 (S6) ISO 40
Tool magazine positions Drilling Electrospindle 8 positions for ISO30 DIN cone, with on-the-fly tool change max drill Ø 57 mm
Automatic tool magazine for drilling electrospindle 8 pos. for ISO 30 DIN cones
Drilling electrospindle power Hp 2,7/kW 2,2 (S6) ISO 30

Software Advanced CAD-CAM with .dxf format files import
Weight Lbs 23148.5
Dimensions 16680x5000x4840 mm (it needs an area high 6255 mm)
Delivering by truck 2 full standard truck
Delivering by ship 2 x 40” box container
Water refrigeration tools 200 l/min
Internal water of refrigeration 10 l/min

MAX hole distance from glass edge 300 mm

MAX routing cut-out from glass edge 375 mm

Options may affect basic machine’s configuration and characteristics
machine layout
Layout Vertigo